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Our villas are stylish, charming and brimming with character”

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Premium Villas

Family Villas

Fully equipped to meet your needs

Thoughtful additions for every member of the family

Premium Villas

Family Villas

Fully equipped to meet your needs

Thoughtful additions for every member of the family

Premium Villas

Fully equipped to meet your needs

Family Villas

Thoughtful additions for every member of the family

Zero time and stress

At Gradely Estate our friendly team of advisors will listen, guide and answer your questions. We’ve built excellent relationships with owners and villa staff to ensure you receive the very best of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Amber Llama


Ballarat Villa


Kumbura Villa


Villa Oceans edge


Honest to Goodness

We’ve personally searched out authentic experiences that can’t be reproduced.

Sri Lanka

A rich tapestry of culture and vibrant traditions.


Watch this space!

Things to do in Colombo

If Sri Lanka is next on your travel list, its commercial capital, Colombo is a city that must not be missed. Come on down to this vibrant destination and witness its cultural, historical, and architectural wonders with these 12 unforgettable experiences.

Turtle Hatchery

Over many years, human activity has prominently contributed to the endangering of turtles, a brilliant and ancient marine species. Sri Lanka has made several devoted efforts to conserve these wonderful creatures. 

Galle Fort

 Many of these old significant buildings have now been transformed into cafes, shops, and restaurants that make for a wonderful travel experience.

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Beaches in downsouth

Beaches in downsouth

The golden coasts of the down south are widely loved among travelers of Sri Lanka. Bustling with activity, entertainment, and…

12 things to do in Colombo

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Nothing beats a happy customer!

They have a good range of villas. Amazing local cousines in the boutique villas I stayed! Loved my stay there.

Jemma Stone



I had such a great time! The customer service was on point and made everything super chill and memorable.

Mary John



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